® is dedicated to discussing affordable wines—wines that you might enjoy yourself every day or serve with confidence to your guests. The selections we highlight will generally range from $10 to $20 a bottle. Of course, exceptions will be made when we do features like “Holiday Wines,”  “Bottles for Special Occasions,” or “Best Jug Wines for Backyard Barbecues.”

Each month, we focus either on a specific varietal, or a particular wine region, or an interesting food-and-wine pairing. We do not rate wines—no scores, no stars, no points; nothing but words. We only discuss wines that we think are worth drinking. In other words, if a wine is reviewed in this blog, we think it’s worth a try. We leave the scoring to you.

We hope that you’ll add your comments to our posts about the wines we recommend or tell us about wines that you discover on our own. was founded in 1996. It was among the first personal websites (the precursors to today’s blogs). We published our monthly features until 2003 and over that time earned a considerable readership. When one of our members entered the wine trade, we gave up the site to avoid any conflict of interests. Today, no longer having any professional ties to the business, we thought we come back as a blog.

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